JJ Brown & Simona Rosasco

Kilnformed Glass










Panels & Disks

All Panels and Disks include stands shown. 

Table stands and/or wall mounted stands can be substituted.


"Purple Horizon"

wall mount  12"x.5"  $ 600

"Tilted Axis"

wall mount  12"x.5"  $600


12"x18"  $ 600

"Autumn Vibrations"

 15"x10"  $ 425

"Swimming with Mermaids"

12"x16"  $450

"Inner Earth"

10"x16"  $ 425


12"x19"  $600


14"x18"x.5"  $ 725

"Spring Equinox"

10"x16"   $ 425

"Dance with me"

10"x13"  $ 385

"Pixelated Sunset" 

9"x13"  SOLD

"Woven Tapestry"

10"x20"  $ 625


  12"x16"  SOLD

"Look at Those Lips" 

8.5"x12"x.5"    SOLD

"Ocean Beyond My Window" 

10"x16"    SOLD

"Retreating Strata" 

10"x10"x.5"    SOLD

"Neon Horizon" 

12"x18"x.5"  $600

"Wiley Can-Can" 

17"x10"  $ 425


14"x18"  $ 775

Spring Landscape

  15"x10", 5"x7"   $375


"Kaleidoscope Ears" 

12"x18"    SOLD







All images copyright JJ Brown / Simona Rosasco.  All rights reserved.